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If you’re searching for cleaning services in Atlanta, and deciding which company to use, an important question you have to ask yourself, is my cleaning service using safe chemicals for my home?

We all know that there are many toxic chemicals out there that are used for cleaning, specifically the ones made for home use. Many of the common cleaning products you buy, off-the-shelf, contain toxic and corrosive chemicals.

These toxic cleaning supplies leave harmful residues, especially on food surfaces, such as counter tops, that are not only bad for your health but they also add to your indoor air pollution.  Cleaning services atlanta

It is important for you to use safe, non-toxic chemicals, when cleaning your home. Nook and Cranny cleaning service in Atlanta cares about your health and knows the safest and most efficient cleaning products to use. Here are a few tips you can use when choosing your own safe cleaning products.

#1 – The Ingredients Matter

Always check the ingredient list in your cleaning products before you purchase them. You may be surprised; many cleaning products have no ingredient list. When you come across a product that has no ingredient list put it right back on the shelf.

Any company that makes cleaning products, that cannot list the ingredients on the label, raises an immediate red flag. You have no way of knowing if this product is safe or not. You have to ask yourself, what are they hiding?

#2 – Know What to Avoid

There is no shortage of toxins used in cleaning products, here’s a short list you should definitely avoid.

Ammonia – common household ammonia is very toxic when swallowed, touched, or inhaled. It will also emit toxic fumes for many hours after use.

Antibacterials and Disinfectants – while they sound good on the surface you really do not need them for your home, at least the ones the general public can purchase. Overuse of these products can produce antibiotic resistant bacteria. This sounds like something you would see in a movie. Do you really want anti-biotic resistant bacteria lying around your kitchen counter?

Butyl Glycol, Ethylene Glycol, Monobutyl – say that three times fast. This is a common ingredient in general household cleaners that are not only dangerous for your nervous system but can damage your liver and kidneys.

Chlorine Bleach – good old household bleach, good for cleaning everything right? You should avoid using common bleach if possible. Not only is it very corrosive and irritating, it can also cause lung damage, and definitely eye damage, if you happen to rub your eyes.

Petroleum Solvents – many common ingredients used in cleaning supplies are derived from petroleum. Look for it in the list of ingredients and avoid using cleaning products that contain this. Formaldehyde is also a derivative of petroleum.

Phosphates – commonly found in laundering dish detergents can be harmful to aquatic life once they go down the drain.

Phthalates – look out for fragrance on the ingredient list. These can be hormone disruptive. Avoid artificial scents that are commonly found in shampoo, cleaners, candles and other essential oils used for fragrance.

#3 – Watch out for Labeling Tricks

Even when a label says natural or non-toxic it doesn’t necessarily mean it is. You still need to read the list of ingredients carefully and judge for yourself.

#4 – Develop a Love-Hate Relationship with Honesty

Some products will tell you right on the label, that they are hazardous, and dangerous. When they say that, straight out, you can definitely avoid them, knowing the manufacturer want you to know they are dangerous. When you see terms like caution, corrosive, danger, poison or any warning like that, you have to ask yourself, do I want my children or pets to get a hold of this?

#5 – Know Your Options When Choosing Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning services atlanta There are plenty of choices you can select when shopping for cleaning products, for your home,  that are non-toxic and very safe, plus they are cheaper than commercial cleaning products.

Baking soda is a safe natural option and can be used for so many different things around your home. Mix it with a little water and you can scrub just about anything clean.

Borax is not only cheap but a great laundry additive and household cleaning product. You can also use it for pest control. Borax is a great multipurpose product.

Castile Soap is a mild soap made from vegetable oil, sometimes olive oil, great for cleaning laundry, your hands, or even your body, can also be used as a shampoo.

Lemon juice is great for cutting grease and removing stains, plus it smells good.

Washing soda is like baking soda but a little bit stronger, you can usually find it in the laundry aisle in your grocery store. It makes a great laundry additive.

Vinegar is good for cleaning just about everything. White vinegar can be used in your bathroom for soaking toilets, cleaning showers, and will even remove mildew. You can also use it as a fabric softener in your laundry or in your dishwasher, as a rinse aid. Vinegar is amazing.

In conclusion, you want to be careful what you use around your home for cleaning. Many people have toxic homes and never realize it, mainly due to their cleaning supplies.

So, when you are looking for a cleaning services in Atlanta you will want to hire someone like Nook and Cranny that knows it difference between toxic cleaning supplies and what is safe for your home, health and family.

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